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About us


About the Company

Why Tyypo Shirts..?

We started Tyypo with the idea to make shirts and apparel that designers, coders, developers, and tech enthusiasts. We come from design and technical backgrounds and had a basic idea.  Can we make shirts that we would wear.

And that’s how Tyypo was born. We got to work making some early shirt designs, and partnered with a printer who can get great quality materials. We use the latest digital printing technology, ensuring our designs both look great on each shirt, and last a long time. 

Check out our shirts and other apparel on our shop page here. We are constantly updating our shirts to keep the designs fresh and in style. If you have any questions visit our contact page

Great Quality

We source great quality fabrics and brands for our shirts. 


Just because you can charge $100 for a shirt, should you?

Global Shipping

We can ship to every major country in the world.

Ideas = More Shirts

We are constantly designing and testing new shirts